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Routes 5
Laid Back Route
Banndam Museum, Chiang Rai

Experience the breath-taking works of art from one of Thailand’s National Artists on a peaceful stroll through the gorgeously designed Banndam or Black House Museum.

Boonrawd Farm, Chiang Rai

Amaze with the beautiful view of rolling fileds and mountain.
Take the tram to tour through farm and see the technique
and production of rice, jujube and other produces.

Tea Plantation, Chiang Rai

Treat your lungs to the fresh aroma of high-quality tea plants as you hike through the fields of Chiang Rai’s tea plantation, then sit down with a friendly conversation with the locals over a delicious pot of freshly brewed tea.

Chewit Thamada Coffee House, Chiang Rai

Enjoy the slow life and tasty robust coffee in a vintage-style country home on the banks of River Kok.

La Ong Kwam Sook, Chiang Rai

Dine and enjoy the fresh air of Chiang Rai under the candlelight at this romantic Colonial style restaurant. Choose from various elegant dishes from Italy, France and Thailand.