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Routes 4
Fun Family Route
Flow House Bangkok

With a plethora of activities lined up for guests of all ages, Flow House Bangkok is definitely the place to check out. After all, it is the everyday escape from Bangkok – in Bangkok!

Flight Experience Bangkok

Try your hand at flying airliner planes in this exhilarating flight simulator. No matter if you’re a novice pilot or a seasoned veteran, Flight Experience Bangkok will have you soaring through the sky.


Create the best learning experience for your
kids at Kidzania. Now they can grow up for a
spell and take on the roles of adults all around
them in this kid-centric role play city.

Thann Sanctuary Spa

Need a day to recover from all the traveling? Visit Thann Sanctuary Spa, and you’ll leave feeling as fresh, if not fresher, than the day you left for Thailand.

Shopping at Central Embassy, Bangkok

Have a great day with your family at this masterfully designed shopping mall. Enjoy the many exquisite restaurants offered, with variety to satisfy any taste. After that, shop to your heart’s content on the specifically designated floors, catered to any interest.

Chic dining at Mercury Ville, Bangkok

Just across the street from Central Embassy, enjoy a truly dining experience in a casual atmosphere e.g. Harrods, Miyabi Jousen, Mori, Kalpapruek and much more. Have fun with the hottest imported Japan and Korean restaurant brands for the trendsetter in the most desirable ambience such as School Food, Mokuola, Anzu.