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Routes 1
Adventure Route
The Lost Zone: “Little Amazon”

Kick back and enjoy the natural beauty of Thailand’s unspoiled countryside on a boat ride. Observe the wildlife and, more often than not, even stop for a picnic.

Visit old town “Takuapa” (Phang Nga)

If you’re in the mood for a quiet stroll, try Takuapa’s old town district. With its period buildings and calm atmosphere, you’ll have plenty of time to take it slow and enjoy yourself.

Bamboo Rafting at Ramroo (Phang Nga)

Bask in the tranquility of the beautiful mountains and wildlife in Thailand’s Ramroo National Park. Hike up to the waterfalls and enjoy the setting sun as its golden rays shine over the horizon.

Thai Massage/Spa

Loosen up after an exciting trip by relaxing under the hands of Phang Nga’s finest masseuses, guaranteed to leave you feeling fresh and rested for the next destination of your trip.