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Thailand is attracting more and more visitors because of
what they have heard or experienced on a previous visit.
As the numbers grow, new places are springing up to meet
the demands for chic, trendy and challenging as well as to
reserve the nature, culture and hospitality that make it all

This guidebook offers you information about the latest cool
resorts and boutique hotels, sensational and savory dining
venues, dazzling entertainments, designer shopping,
mesmerizing cultural and inspirational innovations.

So, pack light and leave room for purchases. Get ready to
enjoy the time of your life, pushed to the extremes and
pampered to your life's content. It's all waiting for you
to explore, savor and share.


Thai culture dates back nearly a millennium and while some
is retained in the lifestyles, more is also being preserved in
museums and centers for you to enjoy and experience.

With more visitors arriving, new activities, some extreme and
chilling, some enriching, exciting and for chilling out, let you
test your strengths and stimulate your senses.

Shopping in Thailand continues to evolve to be even more
chic and trendy not just in cosmopolitan Bangkok, but also in
the other emerging urban centers of the Kingdom.

Hot, cool, and spicy don't just describe the cuisine of the many
new hip pubs, stylish eateries, posh restaurants and intimate
lounges springing up.

New, hip and trendy, ultra cool and ultra luxurious urban oases,
mountain escapes and seaside hideaways are going beyond
expectations in accommodating yearnings.

72 hours might not seem like a lot of time, but here are some
routes of new escapes, excitements and attractions for those
looking for love, discovery, and nature.