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Here at this lifelike, kid-centric role play city, children get the chance to grow up for a spell and take on the roles of their parents and adults all around them. Everyone arrives at the airport and after paying for their tickets and checking in, the kids, aged 4-14, are given 50 kidZos to start their adventure. After that they can pretend to be telephone repair technicians, bankers, artists, barbers or beauticians to earn more of the edutainment country’s currency to spend on different services. It’s an amazing fun-filled experience that teaches important life skills, like money management, decision-making and teamwork. And while the kids play-at-work, parents can relax in the dedicated lounge and, if you have toddlers, let them play at “Urbano’s House”, filled with lots of tot-friendly toys.

99, 5th Floor Siam Paragon Shopping Center,
Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok
Tel: +66 (0) 2683 1888

Bicycle Tour @ Bang Krachao

“Time” magazine called Bang Krachao the “Best Urban Oasis of Asia” as it’s just a short boat ride across the Chao Phraya River from Bangkok’s metropolitan expanse. It’s been said there are no skyscrapers here because of an ancient decree that nothing could be built higher than the tallest palm tree.

Also known as the capital’s “Green Lung”, you’ll be amazed by the colorful flora and fauna, including flocks of birds and giant monitor lizards, as you cycle through the dense mangrove over raised concrete pathways that meander along canals that nourish through the orchards of bananas, coconuts and mangoes in between clusters of stilted traditional Thai houses where you can stop for a refreshment and maybe some local chatter.

In addition to bike tours, locals have organized a weekend market selling mostly fruit and flowers freshly picked from the gardens as well as handicraft making workshops and paddle boat cruises to watch the fireflies at dusk.

There are a number of companies where you can arrange a tour or rent bicycles.

These include Spice Roads (www.spiceroads.com),
Grasshopper Tours (grashopperadventures.com),
Co van Kessel Tours (covankessel.com) and Follow
Me (covankessel.com).

Rattanakosin Island Bicycle Tour

You have a choice, you can book a tour with one of the agencies and have a guide to lead you through down the wide boulevards and then narrow back lanes or you can borrow one of the free bikes provided by the city at the southern end of Sanam Luang, on Phra Athit Road near Khao San or close to the Giant Swing by City Hall. It’s a great way to see the landmark sites, including the Golden Mount, offering a bird’s eye view of the others, including Democracy Monument, the Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Wat Pho, the Temple of the Dawn and the meandering Chao Phraya River. All this may take from two to six hours, 3 to 15 to how many kilometers you want to explore.

Free bike rental hours: Weekdays: 10am – 6pm.
Weekends: 9am – 7pm. (bring your passport)

Tours can be arranged with Spice Roads (www.spiceroads.com), Grasshopper Tours (www.grass-hopperadventures.com), Co van Kessel Tours (www.covankessel.com) and Follow Me (www.followmebiketour.com)

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