If you want to learn a thing or two about history or culture,
then Bangkok is the place to do it. Laden with magnificent
making for something truly out of the ordinary. So, bring
your camera along and be prepared to capture some
imagery that will last a lifetime.
Route 1: Adventure Route
Get your heart pumping and the adrenaline
rushing with a bit of Krabi adventure travel.
Day 1
People come from around the world for rock
climbing along the limestone cliffs at Rai Le.
Experienced climbers can have at it right away.
Beginners will find an excellent place to learn
from good teachers and in an environment
like no other. This can be a full day adventure
with breaks for food and drink at the nearby
back-to-back beaches or even a short trip over
to Phra Nang Beach to have a look into
the caves, best done at low tide.
Day 2
The sea life gets much bigger than those
little reef fish you may have seen on the last
snorkeling tour. Hire a boat for a day of deep
sea fishing and, if you’re lucky, struggle with
a marlin or barracuda. Maybe reel in a tuna
for the night’s dinner. Return to port to eat
whatever was worth keeping.
Day 3
Set aside a day to head to Ao Tha Lane.
This is one of the finest places for kayaking
in Krabi. Explore the coastal waters amid
the towering limestone and see macaques
coming down to the water’s edge to greet
the intruders. Consider continuing some kayak
exploration by heading out to Hong Island.
Whether it is high tide or low tide, the hidden
inner lagoon is accessible by kayak while
boats typically must miss the opportunity to
see this natural wonder.
Or choose to head to Ko Lanta, divers be
aware that Ko Lanta is the jumping off point
for trips to two of the best dive sites in
the region. Set aside at least one day to settle
in on Lanta Island and a book a dive excursion
(or two) by boat to Hin Daeng and Hin Muang.
Route 2: Cultural Route
The natural beauty of beaches, islands,
and lush forests often take all the glory in
the province of Krabi, but there are also a
number of cultural activities you shouldn’t
Day 1
Take a Thai Cooking Class in Ao Nang.
Most cooking schools can pick you up
from your hotel. Join the instructor on
a trip to the morning market to buy the
products to be used in the class. Spend
the day learning some wok magic and
how to make curry blends from scratch.
You will end up dining on the final work of
the lessons.
In the afternoon stroll along the main
street of Ao Nang and venture into the
many art galleries. Look for locally made
products in artisan shops. Alternatively,
spoil yourself with a Thai massage or
reflexology (foot massage).
Day 2
In the morning visit the famous Tiger Cave
Temple just outside of Krabi Town. You will
visit some Buddhist shrines and stroll
through a lovely forest of enormous trees.
Then see Buddhist monks and local Thais
making offerings at the foot of a Buddha
statue inside a natural cave in the mountain.
The visit ends with a long climb up stairs
to an impressive view from the top of
the mountain. Elephants are a very
important part of Thai culture and history.
Learn about their lives and the relationship
with the Mahout on an elephant trekking
adventure in the afternoon. Return to
Krabi Town or Ao Nang for dinner at
a traditional Thai restaurant.
Day 3
Today is a beach day. In the
morning you can take a long
tail boat out to Rai Le and
ask to be dropped off at Phra
Nang Beach. The cave there
is a local fertility shrine and the
fishermen still make offerings.
Lounge on the beach or swim
until the “sandwich boats”
arrive bringing lunch for the
beach tourists.
In the afternoon join the Thais
in a beach picnic. Nopparat
Thara Beach offers the shade
of casuarinas trees and a
stretch of sand frequented by
picnicking Thai tourists (and
locals). Pick up some food in
the nearby parking lot of this
national park.
Route 3: Island Hopping
An island hopping mission could
last weeks if you had the time.
Here, however, is an itinerary that
at least gets you through
the “greatest hits” which may
entice you to return again soon.
Day 1
Book the Five Islands Tour at your
hotel or at any place along the
beach at Ao Nang the night before
you intend to go. Or show up and
either rent your own long tail boat
or try to join a tour that isn’t full.
This is a full-day excursion. Swim
and snorkel around the sheltered
bay at Hong Island and if the
tides are right, sail into the hidden
lagoon at the island’s center. The
tour will also make a stop
at Paradise Island (Koh Lading),
another beach tucked into the
towering rocks and offering good
snorkeling and swimming with
views of similar islands very nearby.
The tour continues with Ko Pakbia,
Koh Rai and if the tides allow the
boat to find a beach, Ko Daeng.
The limestone formations and the
erosion of the waves along the
shores of these islands make for
some fabulous photographs.
Day 2
Hire a long tail boat for a trip to some of the islands closest to Ao Nang
Beach. This day’s tour is often referred to as the Four Islands Tour.
Either at the beginning or the end you will visit the fertility shrine at
Phra Nang Cave and its nearby beach which is part of the peninsula near
Rai Le, not really a separate island -- though it feels like it is. Head out
to the islands on about a 25-minute ride and to spend some time
enjoying the lovely sands of Ko Poda. You can even walk the whole way
around the small island or dive into the crystal waters to snorkel at the
nearby reef. Then sail to Ko Gai, most famous for its peculiar rock
formation like the head of a chicken. But wait for the tide to go out
a bit and its Unseen Thailand beach emerges. Enjoy a bit of beach time
along this narrow strip of sand and even walk over to Ko Tub and Ko Mo
on the temporary land bridge. Snorkel a bit more before heading back
to Ao Nang. Stay for the sunset at Ao Nang Beach and the silhouettes
of the islands stand along the western horizon.
Day 3
Take a long tail boat or speed boat out to tour Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Le islands. The tour will stop in Tonsai
Village for lunch but takes you along the dramatic cliff coastline of both islands. Stop at the mouth of Viking
Cave where you might see workers collecting bird’s nests or at least the guards who protect the valuable
product inside the cave. Take a swim or snorkel in Maya Bay, and if you have time, try to see Ao Lo Sa Ma
(Lo Sa Ma Bay) as well. The itinerary doesn’t need to end here. Spend the night on Phi Phi Don and chill out
in one of the local bars or restaurants. You can add a fourth day with a boat ride to the Mai Pai Islands to the
north where you can really appreciate a sense of a deserted paradise on Ko Mai Pai or snorkel around Ko Yung.
Route 4: Nature Route
Enjoy the natural sense of Krabi Island and
you will be touched by the magic of tranquility
and the emerald sea.
Day 1
Start your nature exploration with a morning
trip to Than Bok Khorani National Park where
you can look for birds and butterflies and
walk along a boardwalk and trail through the
verdant jungle. The reward for a short trek is
a visit to Morakot Pond where you can swim
in the mineral rich water.
In the afternoon you won’t need to go far.
Namtok Ron Klong Thom is just down the
road. Bathe in its thermal waters and then
cool off in the river it spills into.
Day 2
Where the fresh water mingles with the sea
you will find Tha Pom Klong Song Nam, a
natural park. Stroll along its boardwalk paths
to see some stunning views of crystalline
river water. The park allows swimming in
designated areas and you should definitely
consider the activity. Come at low tide for the
best visibility in the water. If you prefer, rent a
canoe or kayak to explore the mouth of the
river at the sea.
Day 3
Krabi Province is ideal for birdwatchers with
species numbering in the hundreds. Take the
morning to visit Krabi Town. Hire a birding
guide or rent a kayak and explore by yourself
along the Krabi River.
For a look into the deep geological past of
the region, take an afternoon excursion to
Gastropod Beach. Venture into the sun a bit
to see if you can find some fossils frozen in
the rocky plates of this unusual beach. Take
lunch or refreshments at the market adjoining
the beach parking lot.