Being in Thailand and having an original Thai cuisine
is good. Being in the southern part of Thailand and
having a spicy authentic recipe is even better. Here in
Krabi, a wide selection of food does not confi ne only to
Thai dishes but also other international ones like Italian,
European and Asian style. All served in fi ne restaurants
with an exceptional ambience which will surely make you
forget your food back home.
Aonang White Orchid Restaurant
The White Orchid Restaurant, a semi
al fresco eatery, services both Thai
and International food all day along
with fantastic entertainment. The
menu includes sumptuous American
and some popular Asian items
breakfast buffet, fine Western dishes
and creative dishes delights from all
area in Thailand. A wide selection
of seafood, brought daily and directly
from the local fi shermen to our
kitchen, is also recommended.
Moreover, the White Orchid
Restaurant is a Halal restaurant so you
can feel free to have halal food and
drinks here.
Aonang White Orchid Restaurant
Aonang Prince Ville Resort
164 Moo 2, Ao Nang Beach,
Mueang District, Krabi 81000
Tel: +66 (0) 7563 7971
Breeze Grill & Wine Restaurant
The panoramic ocean and beach view
from this roof top restaurant offers
you a relaxing and breezy ambience
where you can meet drinks, snacks and
meal. Begin your day with great
breakfast and overlook the Ao Nang
Beach and enjoy lunch and dinner or
even after-dinner cocktails here will
complete your stay. The menu includes
an à la carte section, fresh seafood,
exotic fruits and juices and unique
beverages and cocktails.
Breeze Grill & Wine Restaurant
By Sala Talay Resort & Spa
Address: 123 Moo3
Ao Nang Beach
Muang, Krabi 81000 Thailand
Tel: +66 (0) 7581 0888
Dalah Restaurant By Pakasai Resort
Pakasai’s main restaurant which can seat
100 persons is decorated in a modern style
providing a refreshing dining experience
with the views of the resort’s garden and
lotus pond. Enjoy an extensive buffet
breakfast of Thai and international favorites;
delight in the superb fl avors of lunch or
dinner of freshly caught seafood or some
of southern Thailand’s best known
Pakasai Resort
Address: 88 Moo 3, T. Ao Nang,
Muang Krabi 81000, Thailand.
Tel: +66 (0) 7563 7777
Plai Fah
Set on a private bay is the Phulay Bay Ritz-Carlton
Reserve and Plai Fah, a casual yet charming pool-
side restaurant and bar. Here, visitors can indulge
themselves with dishes made from the fi nest
and freshest ingredients and served with flawless
Thai hospitality. Enjoyscrumptious seafood, tasty
Asian and Western cuisine and unwind at this
alfresco restaurant and bar where you can take in
the stunning views of the infi nity pool and its
backdrop while you savor your meal or sip your
111 Moo 3 Nongthalay, Krabi 81000
Tel. +66 (0) 7562 8111
Kaksa Restaurant
Enjoy this beachfront and open-air dining
surrounded by an attractively landscaped
gardens and prepare to be stunned by
the breathtaking Andaman sunset while
sipping your favorite drinks and having
the restaurant’s superb recipe. Dine on
a selection of fresh seafood, traditional
southern Thai cuisine as well as other
international dishes.
Kaksa Restaurant
By Clean Beach Resort
Address : 16 Moo 6 (Klong Nin Beach)
Ko Lanta, Krabi 81150 Thailand
Tel: +66 (0) 7566 2652,
+66 (0) 8 9645 6068,
+66 (0) 8 7270 0590
Dragon Restaurant
Contrary to the fierceness of its name,
Dragon Restaurant provides a laid back
atmosphere for Krabi vacationers seeking
to truly relax on their getaway. Customers
can indulge in both savory International
and Thai dishes, cooked by a chef specially
recruited from a prestigious fi ve-star hotel.
The dining experience is heightened after
dawn once the restaurant’s band starts
off the evening with live music pleasing to
the ears and souls. For the ultimate expe-
rience, ask for the sought-after orange sofa
seats at the corner of the restaurant and
observe Krabi’s energetic lives pass by at
the nearby crossroads.
Pizzaria Restaurant
Homemade, yet with hotel standards this description
resonates impeccably with Pizzeria Restaurant. A first
glance on the restaurant reveals tables lined with
bright orange tablecloths cozily arranged, dutifully
inviting passersby to sit down and indulge in a fulfilling
meal. However, the first bite brings the experience
to the next level with the dishes’ superior tastiness
and elaborate presentations. The restaurant’s chef,
recruited from a renowned fi ve-star hotel, does his
job well, satisfying countless appetites with his
scrumptious pizzas baked from a brick oven, pastas,
and barbeque specialties. Everything is reasonable
priced for Krabi standards, a fi nal delight for
Koy Kulakasai
Koy Kulakasai has been open for decades,
and with that comes years of culinary
expertise that will surely impress many
appetites. The restaurant features local and
signature Southern seafood dishes, such as
Shrimp paste ‘nam prik kung seab’ with
fresh vegetables, Thai ‘Orange’ curry, and
the likes. Not only are the dishes traditional,
the atmosphere brings diners back to the
conservative nature with its bungalow
structure and abundant trees lined along its
wooden pathway that leads to the restau-
rant. A live band kick starts the evening at
around 7 p.m., invigorating the air with its
gentle melodies.
Ko Bua Restaurant
Ko Bua means ‘lotus plant,’ a symbol
of tranquility and harmony. Accordingly,
dine in Krabi’s calming sea breeze
amidst the mountain ranges at Ko Bua
Restaurant. The chef-owned restaurant
features a relaxing atmosphere
to treat oneself with their signature
Thai and seafood dishes, along with
several European and Halal specialties.
Moreover, the restaurant bakes their
own famed breads and distributes
the buns throughout Krabi’s many
bakeries. Those interested in holding
conferences and meetings should also
look into this restaurant, as Ko Bua is
well equipped with the facilities that will
meet any hotel standards.
Kiang Le Restaurant
Kiang Le restaurant, the main hotel’s restaurant,
is set in a large outdoor sala (Thai Pavillion) in the
garden close to the sea. As you savor gorgeous
breakfast, you can relaxingly watch the local boats
departing for the island and can also watch those
longtail boats coming back in the evening from their
day islands tour while having local Thai specialties,
steak, pasta and pizza.
Kiang Le Restaurant By Aonang Villa Resort
Address: 113 Ao Nang Beach,
Muang, Krabi 81000
Tel: +66 (0) 7563 7270 – 4
Krabi Seafood
Krabi Seafood offers visitors exactly what
its name implies—mouthwatering seafood
from the waters of the Andaman Sea.
The restaurant offers all the seafood
basics, such as fresh crabs, shrimps, squids,
and assortments of fi sh. Whether it’s
grilled, fried, sautéed, or steamed, Krabi
Seafood does it with the authentic local
zest. Hence, even though the restaurant
is not located by the beach but in town,
it is always filled with locals and curious
tourists alike in search of the same thing,
a fulfi lling meal at a satisfying cost.
Kua Ban Kong
Lighthearted. That is what one becomes when
one dines at Kua Ban Kong. The restaurant
puts forth an atmosphere so warm and friendly
that one can only relax and enjoy oneself in
their environs. Located in the town area of
Krabi, Kua Ban Kong refl ects the simplicity
of local life. Wooden tables and chairs are arranged
modestly throughout the restaurant,
while old photos of Thailand and its people
line the interior walls. The menu is conservative,
though it’s taste will surely heighten the
pleasures of your culinary experience.
Nantra de Deluxe
A beautiful sunset, a soft sandy beach,
a candle-lit dinner, and exclusivity-
Nantra de Deluxe offers the ultimate
romantic settings that are much sought
after. The restaurant is located on the
beachfront area of Had Yao as part of
the small, yet private Nantra de Deluxe
Resort. With that, the services are
professional and up to the highest
standards. Sit back and relax amidst
the refreshing sea breeze with a bottle
of wine.
The fresh seafood is a must
at the restaurant, whether it is
intricately prepared in the kitchen or
barbecued on the beach.
Ocean Breeze
Ocean Breeze offers distinctiveness unmatched
by very few other restaurants in Krabi. Located in
Islanda Eco Village Resort, visitors must fi rst hop
on a 5-minute longtail boat ride onto Klang Island.
There, they will get to experience the aura of
ecotourism where local farmers still nurture their
rice paddy fields, and fi shermen make their
catches in their handmade farms in the open sea.
The beachside restaurant itself immerses diners
into the beauty of nature where the rolling waves
of the Andaman Sea are just a few meters away
while the lush mountains stand tall behind.
The Beach
The Beach is, as its name signifi es, right by
the beach. However, it is not by any other
beach but a particular called, Haad Yao,
one of Krabi’s unspoiled natural beauties.
The white sandy beach stretches across
the coastline, with palm trees springing
up occasionally to create a cooling shade.
Guests will be able to dine amidst the
revitalizing sea breeze, as the tropical sun
slowly makes it way behind the horizon.
The distant rhythms of the tidal waves
heighten the dining experience, reminding
guests that the ingredients of their succulent
Thai and Seafood dishes before them had
just freshly come from the waters near by.
Red Alert Bar & Restaurant
Beware, Red Alert Bar and Restaurant is not
the typical beachside hangout venue.
The ceilings are splashed across with vivid
red paint, and customers dine looking out to
Koh Lanta’s distant beach and the Houben
Hotel’s bright red swimming pool. Despite
the intense redness of the atmosphere,
customers will be surprised at the aesthetics
of the hotel’s contemporary design and the
tranquility that comes with it. Red Alert offers
both Thai and international cuisine, with an
emphasis on using eco-friendly local products.
The bar and restaurant is defi nitely sounding
an alert call for everyone to visit and try.
Rimpa Restaurant
If you would like a truly exquisite
dining experience and of course
authentic Thai food, try the Rimpa
restaurant at the Cliff Aonang. The
restaurant serves a variety of Thai
specialties and is known among the
community, the open air restaurant
serves almost all the authentic Thai
specialties you could think of, providing
a special dining experience
with beautiful sunset views amid
the pristine natural surroundings.
Rimpa has a reputation of serving
the best Thai cuisine and offers a
wide range of international specialties
as well. From breakfast to
dinner you will fi nd a wide choice of
delectable dishes awaiting to satisfy
your taste buds.
Ruan Thip Restaurant
Entering Ruan Thip Restaurant gives off
familiar sensations as to entering the comforts
of a family home. The wooden structures of
the Lanna-styled house are supported by
columns adorned with carved wood
decorations, allowing the sea breeze to cool
down customers inside. The Thai and Chinese
cuisine presented is mostly of Southern
specialties, such as the Horseshoe Crab Paste,
the Silver Perch “Orange” Curry, and the Dried
Shrimp Paste. At around 8 p.m., a live band
adds more excitement to the restaurant with
its blends of Thai and international melodies.
Spicy Restaurant
Located at Red Ginger Chic Resort, Spicy
Restaurant is adorned with the same
high-end stylishness and contemporary
ambience as the rest of its surroundings.
Strokes of red splash across the resort
and restaurant’s architecture here and
there, giving an exciting zing to the
atmosphere. The restaurant offers both
Thai and international gourmet varieties.
Contrary to its name, non-spicy dishes
are still available for those who try not to
burn their tongues or work up a sweat.
Panoramic views of the Nopparat Thana
National Park loom nearby as if to create
a calming balance against Red Ginger’s
own red-hot drive.
Tarn Bok Kor Ra Nee Restaurant
Tarn Bok Ko Ra Nee Restaurant is located
at Maritime Park & Spa Resort, one of the
first prospering hotels in Krabi. Guests can
select from a menu full of Thai, seafood,
and international cuisine. Its local Southern
Thai dishes prepared by professional chefs
are exceptionally notable. Scenic views of
the nearby lagoon of Krabi and the resort’s
25 acres of tropical garden offer a breath-
taking backdrop for diners. Couples, families,
or groups of friends are welcome alike.
The resort even has well-equipped facilities
to cater weddings, conferences, and seminars.
Suryachandra Restaurant
Any couple would pin for a romantic dinner
by the moonlight. Alas, Surachandra Restau-
rant, named after the Hindu Gods of the
Sun and the Moon, offers just thatn an
idyllic dinner under the moonlight and stars.
Located in Sri Lanta Hotel on the acclaimed
Koh Lanta Island, the beachfront restaurant
is warmly lit by lanterns, and its pillars are
magnifi cently made from tree trunks. The
restaurant certainly holds an air of enchant-
ment and grandeur. Indulge in Thai and
international seafood gourmet that are
elaborately prepared and decorated, all the
while listening to the soothing tidal waves
The BeachHouse Restaurant
With a pristine surrounding right on the beach,
the beach house restaurant is the perfect
place to enjoy freshly prepared dishes that
will satisfy the most discerning palate. The
restaurant serves authentic Thai, western
and international dishes. With a great location
overlooking the sea, the beach house
restaurant is the perfect place for couples or
families to dine while facing a serene beautiful
sunset scene on the Andaman Sea. Guests
will fi nd the delectable menu truly special,
you can choose unique Thai specialties such
as chicken with cashew nuts, or the authen-
tic Tom Yum Gung, Thai soup with prawns.
If you opt to go for international specialties
you will also find a wide selection to suit your
taste buds which include lamb chops with
sauce and gravy, or fresh vegetables and
french fries served with pepper steak and
cream sauce. The restaurant is open from
dusk till dawn and serves breakfast as well.
The Cliff Restaurant
Sit back and relax as you enjoy your dinner while you gaze around the beautiful surroundings of the Andaman
Sea. Whether you are watching the sun set at diner time or rise during breakfast, you will fi nd a special dining
experience awaiting you at the Cliff restaurant, the cuisine includes some of the most exotic and local flavoured
dishes from Thailand and around the world prepared by experienced chefs. While enjoying your meal you can
choose to share dishes in the Thai way if you opt to go for authentic Thai food, in this manner you will get
a chance to try all the dishes which are usually eaten with rice. After dinner you can choose to enjoy a drink
at the onsite bar which also serves snacks.
Sabai Ba Bar & Restaurant
Sabai Ba Bar & Restaurant is the ideal night-
spot to unwind. Seats at bamboo tables are
available, although those opting for a more
laid back style can go for traditional rugs and
low tables that are as comfortable. Colored
lanterns hang from the canopy of an over
shadowing tree, thereby offering a comforting
green sight for the eyes. Guests can enjoy
the serene transition from day to night with
specialty cocktails throughout the evening.
To finish off the evening, the sensations of
Sabai Ba are enhanced with the ultimate
chilled music to sooth the senses.
Takola Restaurant
Krabi Town may not be known for its culinary inventiveness but it
does have a few Aces up its sleeve, one of which is Takola, a chic
eatery on the outskirts of the town. Takola is a relative newcomer
to Krabi’s dining scene and while it trades tradition for trendiness
and old-fashioned charm for its chic, it still delivers great Thai and
Chinese food in the way it should be prepared.

Takola is located two kilometres out of town on the main reverside,
drags Utarakit Road that leads to Trang and Koh Lanta.
The restaurant is largely open sided with an air-conditioned VIP
room. Here and there are traditional touches in the shape of
statuettes and friezes but essentially this is downtown Bangkok
chic in little old Krabi Town. It’s not small either, and its 250 seats
are distributed throughout a large area with lots of riverside breezes
keeping things aerated.

The constant running water background and cool sounds,
well-tended gardens and tiled floors all result in a calming effect
extremely conducive to fine dining.
Takola Restaurant
Address : 350 Uttarrakit Road Muang Krabi
Tel : 075-620872
Fax : 075-620872 / 075-620872
Website: Krabi

Discount : Discount 10% for Food only
Marati Restaurant & Bar
the delights of Thai and Indian food with
all its variety, taste, and tradition in this
beachfront restaurant. The restaurant also
features live seafood, an open grill kitchen
and authentic Indian tandoori ovens.

Address : 155 Moo 2, Nong Thale,
Muang, Krabi 81000 Thailand
Tel. +66 (0) 7562 8000
Fax. +66 (0) 7562 8028

Discount: 15% discount on
Food & Beverage

Terms & Conditions :
- The privileges above are only available
when payment is made with the Cards.
- The privileges are non-exchangeable
for cash.
- The privileges cannot be used in
conjunction with other promotional
GECKO'S The resort's signature restaurant features fresh pastas,
salads, and an extensive array of fresh seafood and vegetarian
dishes-all made with a Mediterranean influence. Enjoy breathtaking
ocean views and the Andaman Sea breeze while dining with us.
Address : 155 Moo 2, Nong Thale, Muang, Krabi 81000 Thailand
Tel. +66 (0) 7562 8000
Fax. +66 (0) 7562 8028

Discount: 15% discount on Food & Beverage

Terms & Conditions :
- The privileges above are only available when payment is made
with the Cards.
- The privileges are non-exchangeable for cash.
- The privileges cannot be used in conjunction with other
promotional programs.
MANGOSTEEN'S This stunning all-day dining restaurant features western and pan-Asian cuisines, with an extensive á la carte menu. Various buffet themes are also offered. The restaurant has both air-conditioned and outdoor seating areas.
Address : 155 Moo 2, Nong Thale, Muang, Krabi 81000 Thailand
Tel. + 66 (0) 7562 8000
Fax. + 66 (0) 7562 8028

Discount: 15% discount on Food & Beverage

Terms & Conditions:
- The privileges above are only available when payment is made with the Cards.
- The privileges are non-exchangeable for cash.
- The privileges cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional programs.