If only gorgeous scenes cannot complete the trip, let’s fi nd something
to work out. Adventurers can fi nd a wide range of challenging activities
such as rock climbing, scuba diving, canoeing, kayaking and horse riding
while nature lovers will fi nd bird watching, elephant trekking and boat
riding trip very stunning and rest up an exhausting day by sightseeing
the local walking street market in the evening or even having an amazed
dinner beyond the horizon on the charming polished teak vessel. Nobody
just can stay inanimately in this animated city.
Rock Climbing
activities_01 The karst topography of Krabi can
seem otherworldly tall spires
of limestone with exposed cliffs.
While fascinating to look at, these
towers of rock are downright
irresistible for rock climbers.
The most famous destination
in Krabi, and perhaps the world,
is Railay. Its cliffs show over 700
routes ranging in skill level from
beginner to extreme. All routes are
graded and bolted. But Railay isn’t
the only game in town. Koh Phi Phi
Islands also offer some dramatic
routes and even Koh Yao Noi is
opening up for climbers. Deep water
soloing is also possible and
an exhilarating challenge for the
experienced adventurers.
Scuba Diving
The Andaman Sea is a treasure trove for
divers. Healthy coral and reef fi sh are
abundant and some open water dive
sites also draw the larger pelagic
creatures such as whale sharks or manta
rays. Ao Nang offers some nice sites
around islands such as Koh Ha, Koh
Yawasam and Koh Si. But the most
impressive destinations are within
the national marine park at Phi Phi
Islands. Many dive shops operate out
of Phi Phi Don Island and have over 15
sites to typically choose from. Hard and
soft corals abound while the occasional
hawksbill or green turtle or even
a black-tipped reef shark may pay a visit.
Even more options await in Koh Lanta
to the south. Also, divers can also book
liveaboard dive trips to extend their
range and dive time.
activities_05 A kayak makes for an excellent ex-
ploration alternative to the racket
of a longtail boat. Outfi tters either
rent craft out to travelers or lead
guided tours into the typically unseen
places that boat tours pass by. Head
into mangroves in and around Krabi
and see the wildlife up close. Paddle
among the channels in between
the limestone towers at Ao Thalane
where monkeys venture down to
accept food from paddlers at
the water’s edge (or even swim out
to you). You can even go island
hopping with kayaks. The hidden
interior lagoon at Hong Island, for
example, is often unreachable due
to low tides. Leave the other travelers
behind and venture into this turquoise
treasure. The kayak can take you
under the limestone overhangs of
the islands and allows you to pursue
your own path.
Krabi is renowned for its amazing scenic limestone sea mountains and mangroves where adventurers can
leisurely row through the crystal-clear bluish Andaman Sea to closely appreciate the beauty of nature. Many
islands here are still uninhabited and untouched by civilization. Hidden in the islands are caves, tunnels and
lagoons (better known as “Hong” which means “room” in Thai). When the tide is just right, ones can explore
the “Hong”, an open-air cylindrical tidal lagoon which normally cannot be seen from outside, via the cave
where, along the way, can see the wall fi lled by the layer of archaeological shell formation. Other famous
destinations also include collection points of swallows’ nests which are used in Chinese delicacy.
Elephant Trekking
Another fascinating way to see Krabi is up
on the back of an elephant. Elephant camps
care for a number of these magnifi cent
creatures and can host travelers for rides
through the shade of the jungle and along
crystal clear rivers. View other wildlife as
the granddaddy of all the animals takes you
on a gentle journey for an hour. Kids of all
ages will enjoy feeding the friendly
pachyderms back at camp. If the stunning
views of the limestone towers of rock
weren’t exotic enough, try moving among
them on an elephant!
Hourse Riding
Meet breeze, silence and very natural environment at Ao Nam Mao Beach and experience the surroundings in
a different perspective once on a back of a horse which is led by a skillful leader. While riding comfortably along
the beach, you can enjoy the things pass by from the limestone mountain, small typical Thai village to shell
fossil beach, the 75 million-year-old petrified sea animals. If the sea is at the right level, you may be offered
a chance to swim with the horse. How special!
Krabi Province is home to hundreds
of species of birds and a good number
of transients. Even right in Krabi Town
the river estuary is a perfect place to
spot a number of species, including
Nordmann’s Greenshank and Mangrove
Pitta, and explore the mangroves.
One can hire a boat, rent a kayak or
even just walk along the short
mangrove boardwalk a bit.
Khao Nor Chu Chi (Khao Pra Bang
Khram Wildlife Sanctuary) is another
hot spot and if you’re extremely lucky
you might see Gurney’s Pitta, once
thought to be extinct and still
endangered. Koh Phi Phi offers some
birding as well, in particular sea eagles
and swiftlets.
Pre-historical wall paintings at Kalos Island
Kalos Island is situated in Ao Luek district. “Kalos” (means “ugly” in Thai) was named by local Thai people after
its weird shape. The island consists of limestone mountain that had been eroded by the sea for over
thousands year, caves, mangrove forests and lagoons. Moreover, you can discover the more special thing here
which is the 2,000-3,000 year pre-historical wall paintings of human, animal and some forms of geometry by
taking a tour package or hopping in a kayak and paddling slowly in order to admire the scenery along the way.
This path is very suitable for those ecology lovers.
Hua Thong Boat Ride
Hua Thong Boat or long-tailed boat was originated
in Krabi and later becomes the symbol of the province.
Originally it was created to be used for fi shing only
but now the new purpose was added to be used for
transportation and tourist industry. Travelers who
want to visit islands in the traditional way can buy
a package tour and ride on the boat with the local
expert guides who really know every single corner
in the sea. During the trip, you are given an opportunity
to swim, snorkel in crystal clear water, rich in coral
reef and take a photo to keep good memory of life.
Although the usage of Hua Thong Boat has been
changed from the past, it, anyhow, helps promoting
identity of the locals to the visitors and helps
maintaining this old boat for the next generation
to come.
Sunset Cruise
Sailing on the horizon when the sun is
dropping unhurriedly into the bluish
sea giving reddish glow throughout
the sky is an activity nobody should
miss. Pla Luang, the restored Siamese
junk built more than a century ago, is
nominated as one of twenty places in
Thailand to ask for a proposal. The
charm of the polished teak vessel
with its distinctive red sails together
with great food and superb ambience
of sundown on the coast of Phranang
Peninsula will help much more easily
for those who want to make a special
event for their beloved.
Pum Thai Restaurant & Cooking School
Come and taste the ‘authentic’ Thai recipe here at Khun Pum’s fi rst restaurant & cooking school on Koh Phi Phi
and you won’t be disappointed. Who is this Khun Pum anyway, you ask? Well, she has been a cooking-lover
right from the start. Been to the United Kingdom for a cooking class, then back to her home town to create
her original dishes: a blend of her grandmother’s menus and her own creativity. Simplicity is the key.
You won’t find fancy food at the restaurant, but rather traditional ones like Pum Fried Rice (Seafood fried rice),
Cashew Heaven (Stirfried cashew nuts and vegetables with your choice of meat, the recommended one is with
chicken) or Khaw Nieo Mamuang (Yummy yellow mango served with coconut sticky rice). And if you wish to
learn the secret of these wonderful dishes, Khun Pum have cooking classes, too. Prices start from 450 Baht +
1 free cookbook.
Thai food is famous the world over for its delicious curries and its sweat-inducing spices. Take a day to learn
how you can bring those dishes into your own kitchen back home. Local cooking experts have opened cooking
schools for travelers where you can spend a few hours shopping for the ingredients at the local market and
then bringing them deliciously together in a kitchen classroom. Even if you have no skill with a wok, you are
sure to have a great time – plus you get to eat the classwork when it’s all done. Schools are located in Krabi,
Ao Nang and even Koh Lanta.

125 Moo7, Ao Nang, Krabi 81000
Tel: +66 (0) 8 1521 8924
Email: phiphi@pumthaifoodchain.com
Green Tourism
Ao Luek may be a small district in Krabi, but its scenic
tourist attractions are plentiful. This ideal hideaway is truly
the place to get in touch with nature and its unspoiled
beauty. Hills, small and big alike, break through the open
seas as if a magic spell had casted them there. Immerse
yourself in the local fi shermen’s community, one that is
perfectly in tune with the calm rhythms of the hills and
waves, and be inspired by the happiness that they derive
from living in sync with their environment. At the same
time, Ao Luk Community-Based Tourism Network is ready
to provide tips or help for tourists throughout their
journey. Various homestays are available at Ao Luk,
once of which is the Raipreda Homestay Hotel.
Located on top of a hill, the hotel is surrounded by an
abundant forest and rock gardens of interesting shapes
and sizes. The rooms are designed to blend in with its
enveloping nature. To name a few, there is the nearby
fruit garden, the grove of coconut trees, wildlife,
and diverse species of birds in the forest. Further away,
the mangrove forest kept active with many marine
creatures—shrimps, crustaceans, crabs, and fish.
Engage in the mangrove reforestation activity to help
conserve the natural habitat that embraces so much
of the area’s biodiversity. To genuinely learn about
the local culture, don’t miss the Patay Cloth Workshop.
The technique lies in using a warm and candle
and a pen to create intricate designs. This patay clothe,
made purelyfrom motivation and local craftsmanship,
will surely be a wonderful gift.

Tourist Information and Service Center
of ‘Aoluk Community-Based Tourism Network’

9/3 Moo 2, Ao Luek Sub-district,
Ao Luek, Krabi 81110 Thailand
Tel. +66 (0) 7563 4072
Email: info@aoluktoday.com,

Raipreda Homestay Hotel
105 Moo 5, Ao Luek Tai, Ao Luek,
Krabi 81110
Tel. (+66) 089-8664-954
Email: raipreda@hotmail.com

Ko Klang Eco Tour

Ko Klang, literally translated as ‘Middle Island,’
is home to one of Krabi’s sizable communities.
The local people do not settle with being
typical inhabitants, but instead seek ways to
best harmonize with the island’s abundant
resources and natural charm. Hence, they
joined forces to designate Ko Klang as an eco-
tourism destination. Discover their lifestyles
through hands-on activities such as replanting
mangrove trees, kayaking, or bird watching.
Feel nature’s grace while basking in the moon-
light or while exploring the historical cave that
had once been used as a prisoners-of-war
camp during World War II.

The cave hides more wonders in the form
of intricate stalagmites and stalactites inside.
Nearby, ‘Kao Kanab Nam’ stand tall, two
bizarrely shaped mounts that have become
another one of Krabi’s signature attractions.
Commodious homestay, spring up along the
beaches, offering a serene resting place after
all the sightseeing.

To spice up the atmosphere, Ko Klang residents
annually organizes a festival that features
harvesting competitions of shrimps and Thai
escargots. Locals and tourists alike can join in
the good cheer while taking in the coastal
lifestyles and genuine ecotourism. Step into
the open-sea museum filled with a diversity
of marine creatures. The museum is in fact,
part of the locals’ fi sh farms, one of the ways
the people earn their living.

If you travel seabound from Ao Nang beach in
the southwest direction for about 8 kilometers,
you will see Krabi’s four important islands, each
with their own attractiveness. The Poda Islands
boast sparkling waters, vibrantly colored fi sh,
and white, sandy beaches that are perfect for
swimming and snorkeling. Thailand’s Unseen
Attraction, Ko Tab and the ‘Parting Sea’,
highlights the natural phenomenon where
the seawater recedes to uncover an idyllic
sandy path that connects to all three islands.
Ko Gai, or ‘Chicken Island’ as its shape suggests,
is the ideal spot for snorkeling with its stunning
coral reefs. Finally, pay your respects Phra Nang
Cave’s shrine and indulge in its natural allure

Ko Klang Community
195 Moo 1 Klongprasong Sub-district,
Mueang District, Krabi 81000
Tel. +66 (0) 7562 1596
Krabi Walking Street
Krabi Walking Street was fi rst opened on March 2009 in the heart of Krabi province. It is the place where
Traditional Thai products, local products, local food, cultural entertainment, activities for children and other
varieties come to offer both residents and tourists on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Although the size of the market is quite smaller than those of the big city like Chiang Mai but it is likewise
packed up with tons of interesting things and has its own uniqueness. The visitors can see and enjoy crystal
and cloth painted, open hat music and top games that many kids gather to play. More than 70 traditional and
local food stalls are all ready to serve such as Somtam serves with rice noodle, spicy young bamboo boiled salad,
choice of, mix rice with fresh Thai herbal and topping with “Boodoo”, a southern style sauce, and desserts and
seasonal fruits.
Krabi Walking Street
During your stay in Lanta Old Town, you will be pleased with all unique shops opening to service you whatever
you want from ice-cream, fresh fruit, fi shing gear to souvenirs. Every house on both side of the main street
is also a shop of some kind. Do not be shy and hesitate to go and check inside each shop if the door is open
because it is worthy enough. You may enthrall for hours for the sumptuous and impressive handwoven fabrics
at the Hammock House and hang around selecting a piece of Batik at Susanna’s watercolor and Batik collection
for your family back home. General stores, post offi ce, hair salon and Sunday market are also available.
Southseas Holiday

Have a go at kayaking and take in earth’s
amazing treasures at Ko Hong Island.
A variety of ecotourism activities will have you
working out your body as well as sightseeing
simultaneously. Hop on a speedboat and
explore the splendors of Lagoon and Ko Lao

La Ting that has been left unexplored for
decades. Snorkel and take in sights of
shallow-water coral reefs, one of the world’s
most spectacular habitats. Tours take place
daily at 9 a.m. till 4 p.m. Picnic lunches and
equipments are provided.
27/1 Wachara Rd ,Paknum
Muang ,Krabi 81000
Tel : 075 624505
Fax : 075 612 415
Website : www.southseaholidays.com
E-mail : southseaholidays@gmail.com
Mobile : 081 8932170 (Kat)

Barracudas Tour

Dive under and be amazed at the beauty of the Andaman coral
reefs. Sit back in the cool sea breeze and let the rolling waves
calm your senses. Go back to nature and free yourself from
modern technology as you kayak through Ao Tha Lane’s
precious seascape. Take a peek inside Kong Kang Forest and
immerse yourself in its biodiversity. If you’re lucky, you may even
get to see packs monkeys on their search for food. Lagoons,
big and small alike, waits for your discovery on this memorable
kayaking journey.

Let’s Go Krabi

Work your arms as you kayak at Por Tor. Step inside Thum Pee
Hua Tho, and try your brains in fi guring out the origin of
the cave’s name, translated in English as the ‘Big Headed Ghost’
cave. Nevertheless, be stunned by the cave’s elaborated
stalagmites and, even more fascinatingly, cave paintings that
are dated up to 3,000 B.C. Then, try your skills at the rock
climbing adventure at Ao Rai Lay that will surely stimulate
an adrenaline rush within you. Those who succeed in climbing
to the summit will be rewarded a stunning panoramic view
of the Andaman Sea.

440 Moo 2, Ao Nang Sub-district,
Mueang District,
Krabi 81000
66 (0) 7563 7577

Sea Bee Submarine Diving Club

Dive deep under the Andaman Sea, and
surround yourself with diverse marine
creatures and underwater fl ora throughout
various islands, such as Krabi, Phuket,
and Kao Lak. No worries about security;
professional divers stand by to provide aid
and advice.

1/3 Moo 9, Viset Rd., Chalong Sub-district,
Mueang District,Phuket 83130
66 (0) 7638 1765

Travel & Tour

Take a journey to the best of the renowned
‘Unseen in Thailand’ tour. Make your way
through the tranquility of Ko Tab and Ko Mo
Dum Island.
Snorkel among the coral reefs
of Kai Island, and witness the seawater part
before your eyes at Pota Island. Have a go
at cliff climbing at Phra Nang Cave Beach
before taking off on a speedboat to one
of the globetrotter’s 10 heavens on earth,
nicknamed as the ‘Pearl of the Andaman,
Heavens of the Phi Phi Islands.’ Visit the
movie set of the famous Hollywood fi lm
‘The Beach,’ then snorkel at Ao Loh Chama
and Ao Pila.
Explore the Viking caves that
have now become the trove for birds’ nests.
dive down under at Ko Mai Pai and be
by coral reefs that extend as far as
the eyes go.

243 Moo 2, Ao Nang Sub - district,
Mueang District, Krabi 81000
66 (0) 7563 7152-3

Unseen Excursions

Discover Krabi on the roads less travelled,
and experience a fresh, unseen perspective
of Thailand. Hop on an elephant trekking trip
and appreciate the green forest at new
heights. Delight in earth-friendly ecotourism
activities. Feast upon local food and observe
lovely local fl owers at Kiew Krum. Zigzag
peacefully on canoes through the tropical
scenery of Kong Kang forest, then rest your
arms and explore the ancient cavemen’s

151 Moo 6, Ao Nang Subdistrict,
Mueang District, Krabi 81000
66 (0) 7564 4064

Nature Trail Car Rental

Plan your ultimate Krabi vacation in total fl exibility. Free yourself
to go wherever your heart desire with Nature Trail Car Rental.
High-quality services and detailed care are guaranteed
throughout your trip to ensure the highest level of your
security and privacy.

26/31 Ao Nang-Chongplee rd., Ao Nang Sub-district,
Mueang District, Krabi 81000
66 (0) 7569 5161

Sofitel Phokeethra Krabi Golf

Enjoy a fun and challenging golfi ng experience
during your stay at a luxurious fi ve-star Sofi tel
Phokeethra Golf & Spa Resort. This is the newest
golf course in Krabi, opening in July 2008. It features
an international-quality 9-hole golf course situated
right at the premises of the resort facing the beautiful
beach view of Ao Nang in Klong Muang Village area,
with the terrain extending towards the foot of Naga
Head Mountain. Finish up the big exercise with
the relaxation at resort’s high facilities, restaurant
and spa, within minutes from the golf course.

Klong Muang Beach, Nongtalay, Krabi 8100
Tel: +66 (0) 7562 7800, (0) 7562 7899