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(Kitchen and Food Concept)

At this modern cooking institute you will be cooking your very own meals in modernized facilities. You will learn how to adapt ART in your cooking skills and how to perfectly design and decorate your trendy dishes.

• Forever Young @ S Medical Spa
Offering a full-sensory experience comes
in the East meets West package,
you wi l l be completelyde-stressed,
recharged and feeling much younger
than ever!
• Golfing at Springfield Village Golf and Spa
The highest international standards of the world class golf
course will pleasure you by offering the fun, joyful experience,
as your needs are entrusted to the best golf instructors from
around the world.
• Dinner on Grand Pearl Cruises
On this enchanting cruise, you will be perfectly taken care of by well-trained staff. Despite the breathtaking scenery
of the river, you will be carried away by the live jazz band and romantic setting of your unforgettable dinner.
(www. grandpearlcruise.com)
• Thai Massage at DVN Spa
This ancient Thai therapy of healing will require a few
stretching as well as a gentle pressure along
energy lines but we promise that you will feel amazingly
relaxed and energized by this dynamic
physical experience as it’s the integration of your body, mind,
emotions and spirit.
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